Stuff I have published on other webspace that really ought to be here.

Here’s a list of technical archives and other stuff I maintain in the hope that it is of use to the Amateur Radio community –


Nick G4IRX


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  1. Hank Blackwood

    Nick…I really have enjoyed browsing your site. I made my way here via the repeater builder website. I was searching for information on the old PK-900 TNC. I bought a NOS 900 from an estate sale – it was still shrink wrapped with the original price tag from Universal Radio in Ohio!

    I saw in the literature that a true DCD state machine option was available, but no info is to be had on the web save your comments on repeater builder. I noticed you posted the code there for the chip. I am a complete novice with programming. I have programmed a PIC chip or two using a cheap Chinese PIC3 knock-off.

    I would like to add that capability to my 900. We are resurrecting a VHF BBS and node system here in northwest Georgia in the southeastern US. I plan on using the 900 as a dual frequency gateway to a BBS. We use some PK-96s and their ability of a true DCD is great because we leave the squelch right on the border-line of opening for weak signal work, and it works well.

    If you would be so kind to point me in the right direction of what kind of chip and programmer/software I might need to program that DCD code onto to a EEPROM. I’m sure there is a particular software version also needed – is that 7.1? Your help is greatly appreciated!

    Kind Regards,
    Hank Blackwood


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