5MHz Comparisons

Contributed by 5MHz beacon monitoring stations around the UK.

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GM4SLV logfile updates every 15 minutes.



My system is currently off-line.




G3WKL logfile updates every 15 minutes.




G0WBX logfile – updates every 15 minutes.




G4ZFQ Logfile. Updates every 15 minutes.


Fairford Ionogram

Fairford Ionogram

Fairford Ionogram is updated at minutes 00 and 30 – I’m now cacheing the data locally so it should re-draw quicker. Link to the upstream Logfile .


Chilton Ionogram

I can’t graph the Chilton data as it  is no longer distributed via swpc.noaa.gov. You may access the data directly after registering at http://www.ukssdc.ac.uk/ionosondes/view_latest.html.

Old swpc.noaa  Logfile link retained for reference.

Update – It is available via www.ngdc.noaa.gov (thanks Steve G4HPE) –

Chilton Plot



GOES X-ray Flux

GOES X-ray Flux

Courtesy of www.sec.noaa.gov.

10 thoughts on “5MHz Comparisons

  1. Matthias df6oa

    Hello Nick,
    years ago I used the GB3RAL.exe programme.
    Is it still available? Is it still used?
    Thanks a lot
    vy 73 Matthias DF6OA

  2. Paul Gaskell G4MWO Editor, The 5 MHz Newsletter

    Hi Nick,

    Is there any evidence now of any transmissions from GB3ORK (I know ‘RAL is permanently off-air) ?

  3. Paul Gaskell G4MWO Editor, The 5 MHz Newsletter

    Hi Nick,

    I did several months ago. Donny said that he wasn’t aware that the beacon had stopped working but that it might have been due to either an antenna fault or a software crash which he would endeavour to rectify. But since then the situation has been the sane and having asked once already I am a bit loath to ask again


    Paul G4MWO

  4. Paul Gaskell G4MWO Editor, The 5 MHz Newsletter

    Hi Nick,

    GB3ORK has been retrieved and repaired by Andy, G4JNT and is currently being tested under his own callsign on 5290. The fault was due to a corroded contact on a switch supplying the TX enable signal. However, as the original PIC is now unobtainable, Andy has replaced it and is now writing replacement/updated software for the beacon. As you may probably know,, GB3RAL’s 5 MHz licence was not renewed due to site problems and no alternative being available.


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