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5MHz Beacon Monitor Program

I’ve just discovered that the GB3RAL.EXE program, written by Peter G3PLX, is no longer available from http://www.rsgb-spectrumforum.org.uk/5mhz%20beacon%20monitoring.htm . This is the software used to monitor the UK 5MHz beacons – GB3RAL, GB3WES and GB3ORK

After digging back through my emails, I found the most recent version that Peter sent me which supports¬† both conventional (mono) input and I-Q inputs for a SDR. This is the version I last had running with my Softrock receivers. As the documentation is in the now depreciated Windows .HLP format,¬† I’ve added the notes that Peter originally provided to the zip file in text format.

It should still run on any version of Windows from Windows 98 up to WIndows 8.1 (I must test this!). Just unzip the file into it’s own folder e.g. C:\beacons and run the program GB3RAL.EXE. If you’re installing on Windows Vista or later then don’t install under the program files folders as Windows will complain noisily! It can also be run on systems such as Linux and OSX using the Wine emulator.

It’s now available for download from here –