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5MHz Archives – [ukfivemegs]

I’ve just been catching up with emails and I noticed that there was a post by the current list owner of the [ukfivemegs] Yahoo group to close the list and concerns around a recent Yahoo! security breach.

I’m not sure whether this means closing (and deleting) or closing and converting to an archived group. Either way it would be sad to lose this valuable resource which goes back to the poineering days of the Uk 5MHz experiment. If the group is closed (archived) then I feel that the messages should at least be made public so they can be indexed by the search engines.

I’ve checked my own email archive and mine goes back to 2004. The group appears to have been created in August 2002 by Tim G4VXE so I wonder if anybody reading this has anything archived from the period 2002 – 2004?

73s Nick G4IRX