Multimode APRS – V2

aprsis32_multimode_v2 aprsis32_multimode_v2

I’ve made some changes to the Multimode setup to give it more flexibility.

The main feature is that I’ve added the SV1AGW Packet Engine – AGWPE. This is an extremely flexible program that allows me to share the SCS Tracker (or any other TNC) over  a tcp/ip connection. I just needed to change the APRSIS32 port configuration from a KISS serial port to a second AGWPE port and configure AGWPE itself to allow connections on 8001/tcp. (8000/tcp is already in use by UZ7HO SounddModem).

This now allows me to run an AX25 monitor program (such as UZ7HO’s  EasyTerm) so I can trace activity on the RPR channel.

Developing things further, AGWPE and UZ7HO_SM accept multiple tcp connections and therefore multipe applications can share a single TNC (unfortunately Messenger doesn’t yet). I can now make connections from other hosts on my network, for example I have Xastir running on a Rasperyy Pi connecting to AGWPE. I’m now considering running just the TNC/modem radio interfaces on the shack PC and the APRS applications can live elsewhere!



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