Baofeng UV-3R Programming


A proper lash-up! Baofeng UV-3R programming interface.

I picked up a Baofeng UV-3R (mkII) to play around with. £20 delivered to my door! It should be useful for the transmitter side of a 2m or 70cm APRS tracker.

The programming cable isn’t the standard 3.5/2.5 Kenwood combo normally used by Baofeng, it uses a 4-pole 3.5mm jack for the speaker/mic or programming cable. I used a CP2102 USB serial interface that I keep for these kind of jobs and a spare Nokia phone AV cable which just happened to have the correct jack plug termination.

Finding the UV-3R software was slightly more challenging as it isn’t available on Baofeng’s website. I managed to find it on  I can also use CHIRP but for some reason it helps to program first with the manufacturer’s software otherwise memories get corrupted and displayed as 666.666.

This radio seems to perform well apart from the annoyance with the volume control. The default function of the rotary control selects the frequency (or memory) and you need to press the VOL key to adjust. Apparently there were second harminic issues with early sets so I’ll be taking a look on test equipment to see how clean it is.

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